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I’m Patty. I’ve been a social worker since 1998 and after travelling across 3 continents, I morphed into several other versions of myself. After discovering yoga and meditation, I started to teach it, then created courses and workshops and lectured on teacher trainings. I also started my private practice as a counsellor.

Along the way, I became a Reiki Master and learned about coaching, kinesiology, energy medicine, EFT, breathwork, ancestral healing, building boundaries and neuroplasticity. My mission is to help you transform outdated beliefs about who you’re ‘supposed to be’, and to help you ease your way out of painful life transitions.

Are you sick of the bikini clad yogi who posts pretzel like ‘yoga’ pics on Instagram? Me too!! I bet you want something that is easily accessible, that you can do from anywhere in the world, and that can provide a holistic upgrade to your body, mind, heart and soul. That’s why I created an e course

And that’s why I know you’re gonna love kundalini yoga and learning about your energy centres. It heals you from the inside out by strengthening your nervous system so that you don’t feel triggered by stress & you’re less reactive when you’re overwhelmed.

This website is my gift to you. Completely FREE! It’s all about real conversations with REAL women who generously share their journeys. There are 16 interviews in total – all broken down into digestible bits. And even an audio for each conversation. From my heart to yours. Enjoy.

a balanced base chakra helps you manifest abundance & set strong foundations
a balanced sacral chakra helps you create & express your emotions
a balanced solar plexus helps you boost your confidence
a balanced heart chakra helps you forgive and love again
chakra e-course
a balanced throat chakra helps you speak your truth
a balanced third eye chakra helps you trust your instincts
a balanced crown chakra helps you release outdated beliefs
a balanced aura helps you magnify your potential


No problem! I have you covered with this online course that you can work through at your own pace and in your own way. Through accessible kundalini yoga (that you can do at your own pace and with your eyes closed), you’ll discover how to access your body’s energy centre’s to balance your chakra’s, clear your mind, heal yourself, magnify your light, release your blocks… and make an impact on the world!