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Your throat chakra is the energy centre that is associated with your communication and expression. It represents the way you speak, communicate and express your truth, as well as your ability to listen beyond what has been said

Kate Kendall is Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic in Sydney’s Paddington and is the ‘Yoga Guru’ for Body & Soul Magazine. Kate writes, presents and creates video content providing people with the opportunity to experience yoga progressively and in a way that’s adaptable to a contemporary lifestyle. Her retreats are heart centred and always inspiring.


Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 01

Do disappointment from our childhood impact our ability to express our truth easily as an adult?

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 02

Can a regular yoga practice change your life so much, that you gradually no longer need anti depressants?

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 03

How Kate found her voice by leaving her corporate job behind and beginning a yoga teacher training.

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 04

Our body’s way of communicating with us is when a thyroid issue flares up after a period of little rest.

Listen to Kate’s full interview by clicking the audio below

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 05

Despite being a clear communicator overall, Kate shares the struggles she has faced when she has needed to speak up for herself.

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 06

The way our family communicates with each other impacts the way we express ourselves to others.

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 07

How the regular practice of speaking your truth is a great way to heal the imbalance in your throat centre.

Chakra Chats Kate Kendall 08

A great way to strengthen your throat chakra is to write down your goals and to be accountable for expressing them out loud.

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Heather Porter has promoted and managed events in over 25 countries for some of the world’s most well-known speakers such as Tony Robbins and has worked with top charities such as Richard Branson’s School of Entrepreneurship. She now specialises in automating businesses online, is a co-host of a marketing podcast with fans in over 80 countries and a #1 Amazon bestseller.


Chakra Chats Heather Porter 01

Just because you’re surrounded by well known speakers that are established in their field, doesn’t mean you need to ‘copy’ their style – expressing your truth is important.

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 02

‘you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’ – just 1 of the amazing lessons heather learned while managing Tony Robbins’ international team of trainers at 24.

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 03

Having clarity allows you to be proactive instead of reactive because if you don’t choose to make essential changes, you’ll never get what you want.

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 04

Life is about movement. Feeling bored or unsettled is a natural part of growth. It’s your soul’s way of telling you that it’s yearning for a different experience.

Listen to Heather’s full interview by clicking the audio below

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 05

Do you change your elevator pitch depending on the crowd you’re taking to? Or are you comfortable enough not to care what people think of you?

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 06

What is it about us that attracts us to people that tend to constantly talk over us and how can we change our reaction to them?

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 07

Is it possible to be loyal to a fault? Is the true power of communication based on listening more and talking less?

Chakra Chats Heather Porter 08

How can you flip your perspective when you’re in crisis mode? The best way to do this is by changing your environment.