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Patty Kikos is well known for inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs to make incredible internal transformations that magnify their effectiveness and impact on the world through counselling, kinesiology and kundalini yoga.

As a respected speaker, she has an innate ability to demystify timeless teachings that makes ancient wisdom, deep spiritual teachings and advanced energetic practices easily accessible to her students through her writing, chakra chat interviews and courses.

a balanced base chakra helps you manifest abundance & set strong foundations

a balanced sacral chakra helps you create & express your emotions

a balanced solar plexus helps you boost your confidence

a balanced heart chakra helps you forgive and love again

chakra e-course

a balanced throat chakra helps you speak your truth

a balanced third eye chakra helps you trust your instincts

a balanced crown chakra helps you release outdated beliefs

a balanced aura helps you magnify your potential